Industrial Adblue Urea

Allas : Industrial Urea
Chemical name:Urea
CAS No.: 57-13-6
Formula: CH4n2o
EINECS: 200-315-5
Certification: ISO9001, TUV, GMP, ISO, CE
Application: Vegetables, Flowers, Fruit
Appearance: Granular
Density: 1.32 g/m3
Equivalent Product Name:N.A
Equivalent Chemical Name:diaminomethanal;Urea;UREUM;
Customization: Available

Industrial adblue urea is an important chemical with a wide range of applications in the following areas:
Industrial urea has a wide range of applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, rubber and textile industries. It can be used as a raw material for the synthesis of a wide range of organic compounds such as pigments, resins, pharmaceutical inter-names, plastics and rubber. In addition, industrial urea can also be used in the preparation of aminocarbonates, as nitrogen-containing reactants and solvents, coatings, resins and other fields.

Risso Chemical focus on fertilizer for more than 10 years, we use 46.3~46.7% N urea granules that have been processed and screened multiple times as raw materials, use the industry’s advanced self-developed degraded polymer materials and unique process to cover 46.3% urea granular to control the N release time.

Product Parameters

ItemMin/Max ValuesResult
Urea Assay (wt %)98.0 min99.9
Granulate size(%)90min(0.85-2.80mm)95
Moisture (wt %)0.5 max0.4
Nitrogen(wt %)46 min46.6
Biuret (wt %)0.9 max0.86
Aldehydes (ppm)15 max6
Free Ammonium (wt %)0.6 max0.01
Insolubles (ppm)20 max5
Fe (mg/kg)0.5 maxLess than 0.2
Al (mg/kg)0.5 maxLess than 0.1
Cu (mg/kg)0.5 maxLess than 0.2
Zn (mg/kg)0.5 maxLess than 0.1
Cr (mg/kg)0.5 maxLess than 0.2
Ni (mg/kg)0.5 maxLess than 0.1
Mg (mg/kg)0.5 maxLess than 0.15
Na (mg/kg)0.5 maxLess than 0.2
K (mg/kg)0.5 maxLess than 0.2
Calcium (mg/kg)0.5 maxLess than 0.3
Ash (ppm)100 maxLess than 10
Phosphate(ppm)0.5 maxLess than 0.1
Alkalinity as NH30.2 maxLess than 0.1

Usually we provide the packing with 50 kg/bag, 500 kg/bag or 1,000 kg/bag. Of course, if you have special requirements on packing, we will accommodate your request.

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