Nitro-Based NPK

Allas : Nitro-Based NPK
Grade Standard : Agriculture
Molecular Formula: N-P2O5-K2O
Appearance: Granular or Powder
Purity : Custom Made
Cas No : 66455-26-3
HS No : 3105200090
Einecs No: 613-934-4
MOQ : 15T (Sample free)
Payment Terms : T/T, L/C, cash(USD, EUR, RMB)
Trade Terms : FOB, CIF, EXW
Place of Origin : Shangdong,China
Application : Agricultural fertilizer

Rissochemical can be made per customer’s requirements in different levels and colours

Nitro-based NPK compound fertilizer is a compound fertilizer with ammonium nitrate as the nitrogen source, adding phosphorus, potassium and other compound fertilizer raw materials to produce a high concentration of N, P, K compound fertilizer. Its products contain both nitrate and ammonium nitrogen. The main products are ammonium nitrate phosphorus and ammonium nitrate phosphorus potassium.
Nitro compound fertilizer is an important agricultural fertilizer, mainly suitable for tobacco, corn, melon, vegetables, fruit trees and other economic crops as well as alkaline soil and karst terrain areas, the application effect in alkaline soil and karst terrain areas is better than urea.

Nitro-Based NPK Series (Support Customized)

NPK formulae can be made per customer’s requirements, common formulae please see following:
NPK 15-5-25NPK 15-15-15NPK 16-5-24
NPK 16-6-9NPK 16-6-20NPK 21-24-0
NPK 22-9-9NPK 22-5-13NPK 25-10-5


Micro-nutrients can be added per customer’s requirements.

l Iron (Fe)

l Manganese (Mn)

l Boron(B)

l Zinc(Zn)

l Copper (Cu)

l Molybdenum(Mo)

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