NPK Fertilizer with Humic Acid

Allas : NPK Fertilizer with Humic Acid
Grade Standard : Agriculture
CAS No.: 66455-26-3
Formula: NPK
Certification: ISO9001, ISO, CE, SGS
Application: Vegetables, Flowers, Fruit, Grass
Appearance: Granular
Infection on Soil: Physiological Neutral
Trade Terms : FOB, CIF, EXW
Place of Origin : Shangdong,China
Application : Agricultural fertilizer

Rissochemical can be made per customer’s requirements in different levels and colours

NPK Fertilizer with Humic Acid protects newly laid turf with a blend of powerful organic carbon, unique organics, slow-release methylene urea (MU) nitrogen, critical soil nutrients, and water storage crystal. apply it to the topsoil surface immediately before laying turf to hold moisture in the rooting zone, enrich the soil with high-grade humates and organic carbon, maximize nutrient turnover, enhance cation exchange capacity and buffer soil against potential pollutants.

Quality Standard

NPK formulae can be made per customer’s requirements, common formulae please see following:

  • High Chlorine

Total N%8.50
urea-formaldehyde slow-release nitrogen%4.30
urea nitrogen%2.80
ammonium nitrogen%1.40

  • Medium Chlorine

Unlike traditional fertilizer, every particle of this product contains timed-release nitrogen, formulated to release nutrients just as your turf needs them. Your turf will be greener and stay greener for up to ten weeks. Controlled feeding eliminates waste, and prevents burning and surge growth. Deeper green, Thicker turfs, deep root system, Stronger plants, No surge growth, less mowing.
Usually, apply any time of year, For best results apply three times per year: early spring /early summer /autumn
NPK Fertilizer with Humic Acid
NPK Fertilizer with Humic Acid1
NPK Fertilizer with Humic Acid2
NPK Fertilizer with Humic Acid3
NPK Fertilizer with Humic Acid4
NPK Fertilizer with Humic Acid5
NPK Fertilizer with Humic Acid6
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