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Risso Chemical supports customised crop-special fertilizers service, which can customise the most suitable crop-special fertilizers for you according to the crops you grow, and your region, soil, climate and other factors.
At present, Risso Chemical’s more mature customised specialised fertilizers include: tobacco special fertilizers, cotton special fertilizers, vegetables special fertilizers, hydrangea special fertilizers, rice special fertilizers and so on.
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Vegetables Special Fertilizers Vegetables Special FertilizersSpecial Fertilizers Special Fertilizers
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Q1: Is this product safe for long-term use?
A: Yes, this product is completely free from any harmful substances and can be used safely for extended periods of time.

Q2: What are some things I need to know when using this product?
A: Our organic nitrogen fertilizer is made from urea, which is hydrolyzed into ammonium carbonate or ammonium bicarbonate by the soil urease. This chemical reaction allows crops to absorb the nutrients they need. To ensure optimal results, urea should be applied between 4 and 8 days before crop fertilization. Please note that urea cannot be used as a seed fertilizer, seedling fertilizer, or leaf fertilizer. When applied to the surface, urea can cause volatilization, especially on alkaline soil. To avoid this, users should apply urea deep into the soil or apply it deep to the reducing layer in paddy fields.

Crop-Special Fertilizers: Guide

Crop-specific fertilizers are formulations developed to meet the needs of specific crops.
Such as:
1, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium 1: 0.15: 2 specific ratio of tobacco special fertilizers, in addition to calcium, magnesium, sulphur, chlorine and the same important trace elements such as boron, manganese, iron, zinc, molybdenum and copper.

2, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium 1: 0.5: 0.9 specific ratio of rice special fertilizers nitrogen, (N) 17-20%, phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 7-10%, potassium sulphate 10-15%, in addition to other trace elements such as: zinc (Zn) 0.22-1.1%.

3, cotton special fertilizers in: urea 15-25%, potassium carbonate 5-9%, rotted duck manure 5-7%, rotted chicken manure 4-6%, manganese sulphate 1-3%, iron oxide 1-3%, ferrous sulphate 2-4%, and other elements.

4, Hydrangea special fertilizers in: nitrate nitrogen 35-40%; phosphorus 13-15%, potassium 11-13%, trace elements in the aluminium content of 0.5%-0.9% and so on.

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