Water Soluble Humic Acid

Allas : Water Soluble Humic Acid
Water Soluble Humate : 85%
Including Water Soluble Fulvic Acid : 8%
Soluble Potassium(K2O) : 10-12%
Iron Chelate (Fe) : 1%-2%
Zinc Chelate (Zn) : 700ppm
Magnesium Chelate (Mg) : 1%
Calcium Chelate (Ca) : 1%
Color : black brown
Payment Terms : T/T, L/C, cash(USD, EUR, RMB)
Trade Terms : FOB, CIF, EXW

Water Soluble Humic Acid (Potassium Humate) Made in the China

Water Soluble Humic Acid was designed specifically to be mixed with water to produce a liquid humic concentrate. The resulting organic solution is compatible with many liquid fertilizers and micro-nutrients, acting as a chelating agent aiding plants in the uptake and usability of nutrients essential for a crops healthy and productive life cycle. In addition to being made into a liquid concentrate, our powder was also designed to be used as a fertilizer coating.

Derived from China Oxidized Sub-bituminous Coals containing complex Humic & Fulvic Acids.

Water Soluble Humic Acid contains the same benefits as our liquid product, which we make available in powder form for dry mix fertilizers, as well as for cost-effective shipping. Our Water Soluble Powder is derived from the finest, richest, and purest source of humic acid in China and arguably the World. This humic acid source is a weathered type of oxidized sub-bituminous coal rich in humic substances.
An important note: We do not offer peat derived products. These products contain less complex and ultimately less functional humic and fulvic acids when compared to Leonardite (Oxidized Sub-bituminous Coals).

Our Humic Acid Powder is Spray Dried at lower temperatures for a fraction of the time it takes to make drum dry flake. We do not denature our humates by drum drying.

We began spray drying our Liquid Humate to serve our customers manufacturing dry mix fertilizers and customers that are located abroad. The addition of our spray dry line has enabled us to deliver the same great organic humic product in larger quantity without the water weight, significantly reducing the shipping costs, which passes on cost savings to the customer.


Humic Acid content:
Colorimetric (A&L method) – 95% min.
PTA-FQ-014 (Kononova method) – 70% min.
ISO/AOAC/IHSS methods – 60% min.

Fulvic Acid content:
10-15% (V&B method)
5-10% (ISO/AOAC/IHSS/Kononova methods)

14% Potassium
pH range: 8.5-9.0 

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